Yoga, surf and much more
Boa Vista, Cabo Verde, 2024

Dates for this extraordinary

Yoga, Surfing Retreat and much more

have not yet been set.

This is planned

You can come on these dates, for one week, ten days, both weeks, as you wish.

We’ll be staying in a beautiful guesthouse on the beach:
The course will consist of two yoga classes per day:
– morning (pranayama and dynamic yoga)
– late afternoon (relaxation and meditation)

Optional surf / kite / etc. classes will be organized with, the nautical base created by François Guy in 1989.

Sample price for 10 days including :
Hotel / breakfast / yoga / surf / kite / etc.
(excluding flights)
Double room – €1600
Single room – € 1900

Please contact me for more information.


Join me for Myo-Fascial Yoga classes!

A groundbreaking approach to yoga that embraces the dynamic nature of the human body. At its core lies the intricate fascial system, a marvel of interconnectedness spanning every cell within us. This system, akin to a three-dimensional spiderweb, holds immense potential for self-regulation and healing.

In Myo-Fascial Yoga, we harness the power of movement to optimize fascial hydration and elasticity. Through a fusion of traditional yoga postures and dynamic, oscillating movements like bouncing and rocking, we tap into the body’s innate ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.

In an era dominated by sedentary lifestyles, Myo-Fascial Yoga offers a refreshing antidote, revitalizing both body and mind.

Join me @ Usine sports Club, @ AKTA, or book a private session to experience the transformative potential of this innovative practice firsthand.

It’s time to rediscover the joy of movement and unlock your body’s full potential with Myo-Fascial Yoga.

Yoga at Boavista Island