Yoga, surf and much more
Boa Vista, Cabo Verde, March 2024

The dates for the

YOGA, surf and much more retreat

have been decided:

March 10 to 25, 2024

You can come during these dates, for a week, ten days, both weeks, as you wish.

We’ll be staying in a beautiful guesthouse on the beach:
The retreat will consist of two yoga classes per day:
– morning (pranayama and dynamic yoga)
– late afternoon (relaxation and meditation)

Surf / kite / etc. lessons (optional) will be organized with, the watersports center created by François Guy in 1989.

Retreat price, for 10 days including:
Hotel / breakfast / yoga / surf / kite / etc.
(excluding flights)
Double room – €1600
Single room – € 1900

I’m looking forward to your registration and to a dream retreat in Cabo Verde.


Woman jumps into the sea to surf

A new yogic experience for back-to-school

Like all phenomena on our planet, the human body is a living organism in constant change. The fascial system, or the extracellular matrix, which spans the totality of the body, is a three-dimensional spiderweb-like (double lattice) arrangement enveloping and holding together all the 7 or 70 (nobody counted them yet) trillion cells of the body. It is a mixture of gels, water and fibre. This system is a bio-mechanical auto-regulation system; it repairs itself.

Self-regulation depends on an ideal hydration level; hydration depends on movement and how forces are transmitted through the fascial network. Fascia has a solid elastic quality and stores and releases kinetic (elastic) energy. To cultivate elasticity or elastic rebound, the following movements are needed: oscillating rhythmic movements: walking, running, bouncing on hard surfaces (ballistic, elastic, bouncing).

Yoga has been incredibly successful as a healing/self-regulating method. But in our epoch, the time of the electronic revolution, we are losing the necessity and capacity to move. With the new information on the fascial system, the time is here when yoga teachers need to change their way of teaching. In light of this knowledge, my classes which I name Myo-Fascial Yoga – are composed of a blend of yoga postures, bouncing and pendular/rocking movements, fun to execute while working intensely.

Come and discover them @ Usine sports Club, @ AKTA, and in private sessions, on request.

Yoga at Boavista Island